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    Justin and Noor
    November 17, 2019

Justin and Noor
November 17, 2019

Noor Merchant, fiancé Justin, and their daughter attend the Reveal the Winner party at Ford’s Fish Shack.

Noor and Justin at Ford’s Fish Shack with some of the participating vendors.

To the Men and Women serving in the US Military;

I am not in your shoes.  But it is because of your sacrifices that I am able to enjoy the many freedoms that we sometimes take for granted as Americans.

I read somewhere that a veteran is someone who “wrote a blank check payable to The United States of America for an amount up to and including his life.”

So, with a great degree of sincerity and humility, we say thank you.

Thank you for your dedication.

Thank you for keeping us safe.

Thank you for your hard work and long hours.

Thank you for enduring deployments away from your family.

With respect, honor, and gratitude, we offer a small token of appreciation.

I have organized a group of Loudoun County professionals who have generously donated their services.  On Sunday November 17, 2019 we will provide a free wedding to one lucky couple and 100 of their guests.  This is our way of giving back to those who give so much of themselves.


Robert Holley


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